Monday, May 16, 2011

The Purple and Yellow Quilt

It started out as the pink and yellow and lavender quilt.  A project to utilize some scraps - to show what can be done with small pieces of fabric.  Friendship Stars in yellow and pink and Rail Fence blocks in lavender.  The lavender was quite a challenge as I didn't have much.  I had to use some shades that were a bit of a stretch from what I had in mind.  Lots of sewing.  Lots of pieces for a baby quilt.  Then I got to the border.  I couldn't find a fabric that I liked.  I was going to use a narrow yellow, then a medium purple print.  I couldn't find anything that I liked for the purple.  I settled for something a little bolder than what I had in mind.  I started putting the borders on, but then came up with an idea.  I had plenty of fabric and I was not in a hurry to get the quilt done, so it was the perfect project to try the Wavy Border.  I love it!  Because it's a small quilt, your eye can take in the entire border.  The dark colors in the border and the small scale print in the fabric make the fabric choices perfect.  I think the border makes a fantastic frame for the quilt.  I tried to keep the quilt colors soft for a baby quilt, not planning on such a bold border, but I don't think it overpowers it. 

I've been trying to take a Quilt With Feet phot of all of my quilts.  I think it's funny.  That, and it proves that the quilt is actually sewn together and not just layed out on the floor! 

Since this is a baby quilt, I used a pink fabric with baby items on it for the back:

I've had this piece in my stash for a while waiting for a perfect baby quilt.  It's a Moda.  I enjoyed seeing it as I was hand stitching the binding.  And, since it's just on the back, the quilt won't have a "baby" feel to it.  I'd hate for the little girl to outgrow it too soon! 

And the quilting?  It is the third quilt that I've quilted on my new, old longarm! 

A simple pattern with lots of loops.  I used Sew Fine! thread in lavender for the top and the bobbin.  I used Quilter's Dream Select Poly for the batting.  It is a polyester batting that acts like cotton.  I like the loft of regular poly batts.  I miss that here.  I'm not sure if it is the batt or the quilting.  I'll take another look at it after I wash it. 

I've had the quilt in my lap the past two nights as I've been hand-sewing the binding in place.  It is a very comfortable weight and has a good drape.  The quilt folds up compactly, but still has body.  I want to bring this quilt to the office for Show and Tell tomorow, then wash, dry and wrap so it can be given to a brand new baby girl!

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