Monday, May 30, 2011

So Many Projects

I've been bouncing between projects lately.  I have still have the Double Irish Chain on the longarm.  I'm piecing another Double Irish Chain.  This one is made from 2" squares.  I'm finally making a dent in the box of 2" squares!  The quilt will have 132 blocks in it.  18 of them can be seen on the design wall.

Next to it are some pieced borders.  This is for a not-quite-finished project.  Actually, they go with a quilt that is finished.  The piecing is finished, the quilting isn't.  I'll most likely work on this again once the quilt is quilted.  Or once I find a better brown that what I have.  I took these off the design wall today.

And yesterday we did some dyeing.  We used many different techniques.  The blacks, yellows and some of the blues were done with regular low water immersion.  Other techniques included painting, spray bottle, salt shaker and layering.  The one on the bottom left is done with black dye powder.

And this is one of my new projects.  Not only was my 2" square bin full, but so was my string bin.  The burgundy and the cornerstone fabrics are from my stash.  The background blocks are cut at 6 1/2" and the string sashings are cut at 3 1/2" x 6 1/2".  It will be larger than this.  Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 76" x 63".  I'm quite pleased with the way this is turning out.  The solid burgundy tames the wild strings and the cornerstones are very muted and help tie it together.  I'l decide on borders once the top is sewn together.  This will be another good quilt to practice with on the long arm.

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quilt #10 - Double Irish Chain

Double Irish Chain - Loaded!

I had a wonderful day yesterday quilting with two special friends.  They each quilted a quilt on my long arm.  That was quilt number 8 and number 9 for the Gammil.  Today, I loaded one of my quilts.  This Double Irish Chain has been pieced for quite a while.  I recently added the borders.  I found that the quilt was a "generous" queen size.  "Gererous" in that it was just a bit too big for any backing and batting that I had.  I made a trip to the local fabric store and found a backing.  The background of the quilt is a very pale yellow tonal. The backing is an unbleached muslin.  It looks good with the quilt and is very soft.  Hopefully, it will hold up okay.  With the quilt being 88" x 108", I needed a King sized batt.  I took one out of the closet that I've had for many, many years. 

So today, I loaded it.  I thought about yesterday and having friends over.  I even thought about the fact that it wouldn't have taken me nearly so long loading it with another set of hands or two!  I should have thought of that yesterday!  I wound six bobbins and threaded the machine in a off-white thread.  I set up the pantograph and set the quilt position.  I though about floating it, but the hopping foot just got caught in the batting.  I've stitched the first three rows.  The design moves faster than I though it would.  Although my quilting leaves a lot to be desired, I'm pleased with the way the first three rows look.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Purple and Yellow Quilt

It started out as the pink and yellow and lavender quilt.  A project to utilize some scraps - to show what can be done with small pieces of fabric.  Friendship Stars in yellow and pink and Rail Fence blocks in lavender.  The lavender was quite a challenge as I didn't have much.  I had to use some shades that were a bit of a stretch from what I had in mind.  Lots of sewing.  Lots of pieces for a baby quilt.  Then I got to the border.  I couldn't find a fabric that I liked.  I was going to use a narrow yellow, then a medium purple print.  I couldn't find anything that I liked for the purple.  I settled for something a little bolder than what I had in mind.  I started putting the borders on, but then came up with an idea.  I had plenty of fabric and I was not in a hurry to get the quilt done, so it was the perfect project to try the Wavy Border.  I love it!  Because it's a small quilt, your eye can take in the entire border.  The dark colors in the border and the small scale print in the fabric make the fabric choices perfect.  I think the border makes a fantastic frame for the quilt.  I tried to keep the quilt colors soft for a baby quilt, not planning on such a bold border, but I don't think it overpowers it. 

I've been trying to take a Quilt With Feet phot of all of my quilts.  I think it's funny.  That, and it proves that the quilt is actually sewn together and not just layed out on the floor! 

Since this is a baby quilt, I used a pink fabric with baby items on it for the back:

I've had this piece in my stash for a while waiting for a perfect baby quilt.  It's a Moda.  I enjoyed seeing it as I was hand stitching the binding.  And, since it's just on the back, the quilt won't have a "baby" feel to it.  I'd hate for the little girl to outgrow it too soon! 

And the quilting?  It is the third quilt that I've quilted on my new, old longarm! 

A simple pattern with lots of loops.  I used Sew Fine! thread in lavender for the top and the bobbin.  I used Quilter's Dream Select Poly for the batting.  It is a polyester batting that acts like cotton.  I like the loft of regular poly batts.  I miss that here.  I'm not sure if it is the batt or the quilting.  I'll take another look at it after I wash it. 

I've had the quilt in my lap the past two nights as I've been hand-sewing the binding in place.  It is a very comfortable weight and has a good drape.  The quilt folds up compactly, but still has body.  I want to bring this quilt to the office for Show and Tell tomorow, then wash, dry and wrap so it can be given to a brand new baby girl!