Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Bound

Well, everything went according to plan on Sunday.  We had a nice list of things to get done before Super Bowl time.  We got up and had a quiet morning, had coffee with Mom and Dad after church.  Went to the grocery store, machine sewed the binding on the selvage quilt, brought in some Christmas decorations.  We snow-dyed another batch of fabric (pictures to folow).  We fixed some Super Bowl food (pizza, wings, nachos) and had Mom and Dad over.  My plan was to get the selvage quilt binding ready for hand-sewing during the Super Bowl. 

Here's proof that I was successful!  I got almost half of the binding hand-sewn during the Super Bowl.  I know that I can machine sew the binding by machine, but for many reasons, I like the look of a hand sewn binding much better.  And this is part of the quilt making process that I particularly like.

Tonight was a quilt guild meeting.  Tomorrow is another.  They are usually on different weeks, but a couple of times a year they end up on the same week.  I'll work on the binding this week, if I have down time.  It's a busy week, so I'm not sure when that will happen.  And I have dyed fabric waiting to be rinsed.  Life is good!

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