Friday, February 4, 2011

Ready to Quilt!

I'm hoping that I can start quilting the Selvage Quilt tomorrow.  Actually, I'm hoping that I can FINISH quilting the Selvage quilt.  I really don't think it will take that long to do and the only other item on my agenda as of now is a bit more snow dyeing.  The studio is ready for the dyeing and I prepared some fabric the other night.  Tonight I went to Jo-Ann's and bought thread.  I was so glad that I thought about this the day before I was ready to quilt!  I bought two 250 yard spools and one 125 yard spool.  They only had two 250 yard spools.  I wound one spool onto bobbins.  Six bobbins.  Guess that means that the bobbins hold 41 yards of this thread.  Six bobbins doesn't seem like a whole lot, but it isn't a big quilt.  And only half of the top with have the turquiose thread.  I'll use white or off-white on the selvages. 

What else did I pick up while I was there?  These Snapware containers will be used for the Scrap Quilting class that I'm teaching at the guild's retreat in March.  I'm teaching the selvage quilt too.  I guess I'll be working on those classes for the next few weeks.  I also bought the backing for the RRCB Mystery quilt.  The fabric is pretty, but it has a muslin texture.  With the white printing on it.  I'll decide how much I do or don't like it once I use it.  As typical of Jo-Ann's, Snapware was 50% off, I used a 50% off coupon for the backing, thread was 50% off and I used a 50% off coupon for the needles. 

I've decided how I'm going to quilt the selvage quilt.  I used this design in the Christmas quilt that I sent to Massachusetts.  I figure that if I stitch it a zillion more times, I might get halfway decent at it.  It will be stitched in turquoise thread.  I think I'm doing a series of wavy lines parallel to the selvage strips in white or off-white thread on the selvages.

I haven't decided on the border yet.  I'll probably continue the swirls in the X shape into the border and then quilt something around the rest of the border.  I'll keep a watchful eye on the border as I'm quilting the quilt tomorrow.  Hopefully, it will talk to me.

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