Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ebay and groupon and AccuQuilt! Die

I'm not a big ebay user, but it is certainly somewhere I check when making a purchase.  The other day, I found that I could purchase a $15 ebay groupon for $7.  Well, I was planning on purchasing the AccuQuilt Go! Hearts Die so decided to give it a try. 

The die retails for $29.99.  Which means that I can get it for roughly $20 - $25 without looking too hard.  However, the issues of sales tax and shipping come into play.  Ebay buy it now is about $26 - $27, including shipping.  Still a couple of dollars more than what I could get it locally.  However, with that $8 net savings with the Groupon, I'm $6 ahead.  So I bid on one, hoping to get it for less than the buy it now price.  I was outbid.  So I bid on another.  Then forgot about it.  Today, I had an email saying I won.  So I looked up the Groupon.  Here's how it panned out.  Winning bid - $16.49.  Shipping $5.49.  Total cost $21.98.  That's a good deal.  However, I applied the $15 Groupon to it, which meant that the price came down to $6.98.  Keep in mind though that the Groupon cost me $7. 

In the end, I will have a new AccuQuilt Hearts Die for a total cost of $13.98.  If I could only get such a deal on the multiple 2 1/2" squares or the 3" triangle in a square die. 

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  1. You got a super deal. Good shopping!