Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Dyeing Results

Snow dyeing was fun!  Time consuming, but any fabric dyeing is.  This is the first dyeing I've done in the Studio.  Everything worked out very well.  For this kind of dyeing, setting up an additional table would be helpful.  It takes up a lot of room.

I mixed up 8 different dyes for snow dyeing.  I've been storing some mixed dyes from a class quiet a while ago.  I used some of them, not knowing if they would work.  Not to worry, they worked just fine!  Now I have a good twenty colors mixed.  Perhaps I'll have to do some more snow dyeing!  After all, I have about six more buckets of snow just outside the door!

I dyed seven yards of fabric.  Six pieces were snow-dyed.  Two were dyed in a plastic cup.  Two sets of four were layered.  The last two were dyed in a tub.  Today, I rinsed, wash and pressed them.  Enjoy the results!

Snow dyed - a one-yard piece.  Tangerine, yellow, red

Same colors, but more brown added.  And I used a burgundy.  It's probably in here too.

This one is one of my favories.  Reds, with a bit of brown to neutralize the red. 

Another area 

This is the brightest one.  A bright yellow with tangerine and light brown to tone it down.

These three were dyed together in the same container.  First in was orange.  Then another piece of fabric with blue dye.  There was a lot of orange, so not much blue is showing.  Then the third fabric.  I think I added gray.  It looks kind of brownish-gray.  Which would make sense with the orange. 

The last layer.  I don't remember which color I added to the mix.  Perhaps a yellow?  I ended up with a great peach.

These were the last two.  I put them in a bin and squirted dye over them like the snow dyed pieces.  Just no snow. 

Here are the red/brown/yellow fabrics

Now for the blue/green/yellow:

These are the four layers.  They go from a teal blue to a purple.

I usually use Kona PFD.  I tried Quilter's Cotton which I can find locally.  I cut a piece of each.  I did not prewash the Quilter's Cotton.  One of the fabrics below is Kona, the other is Quilter's Cotton.  I'd say that the Quilter's Cotton dyed very nicely!

Back to the snow dyed pieces.  This is a mixture of greens and yellows.  The picture looks it little brown.  It is a great lime-green!

 The subtle coloring of this yard piece is fantastic.  Bright yellows, to browns with green highlights.  It looks like a sponged wall!

The Yellow/Green/Blue/Purple batch.

Aren't they lovely!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I love the composite pictures showing the gradations...yummy colors!