Friday, July 15, 2011

Border Options

I think I've made enough borders to make an entire quilt! 

I started with blue strings...

I sewed them to phone book foundations

And trimmed them.  Don't they look so nice and neat all trimmed?

Layed them out

And tried them on the quilt.  It was okay, but not quite what I wanted.

I guess I could use them to make a quilt

 Next, I tried a checkerboard border.  It was okay, but I still wasn't sure.

I tried piano keys

And then a braided border. So far, it's between the braided border and the checkerboard border.

Then I tried a different braided border.  This one adds a light square down the center and matches the left and right sides. 

Here's a recap of the checkerboard, piano keys and French Braid

And the two French Braids in dim lighting

And a slightly brighter one.

I'm still not sure.  Should I just pick one and get busy making it?  Should I try a few other options?


  1. Dear Sharon,
    Your Blue Ridge Beauty is just that; a beauty! Let it shine!
    It is a very complex pattern, very busy for the viewer to read and understand. If you will choose a plain unpieced border of one blue, I think it will give the viewer's eye a place to rest rather than competing with the quilt's center.
    Whatever you choose, it is your quilt! Good luck with it!
    Vic in NH

  2. I would make the inner white border more narrow...probably 1/2 as wide as you are showing. For the outer boarder, I would use the blue checkerboard. You quilt is very beautiful! A lot of work!:)

    Sally in SC

  3. Sharon, that is gorgeous! I agree with Sally--narrower white border and the checkerboard. I like to see elements of a quilt echoed in a border. Of course, just a plain border (as shown in the book) works too, and that is the way I did mine (mostly because I was ready to have it DONE!!). Any of them would be nice. So beautiful!!

    Gina in Missouri

  4. I think you need one more white border on the outside. When you added the white to the braid I think that really made it work a lot better so try more white with the other two options. You are on to something!

  5. I like the first one the best. I like the way it finishes it. The checkerboard is nice too. And I agree about making the white border smaller. It's going to look great!

  6. Wow - a lot of great ideas. IMHO, if you are "going for" scrappy, using it all up, thrifty and frugal, I'd use the strings. I DO like the checkerboard, and I DO like the braid idea with that diagonal square. Mostly I like the diagonal square idea - not sure of the braid idea - really busy. But it will be stunning - it already is!

    BTW, I just did one recently (photos, under Blue Ridge Beauty) but it was in plaids, with a string border. See if you like it. The blocks are oriented differently, and they are plaid.

    I looked again - I LIKE the strings as well!

  7. Good golly, that is gorgeous! The french braid with the white is super...Actually they are all beautiful. I have to say though, that the checkerboard just looks like it should live there! Not too heavy or busy, it just balances it perfectly, for me!!