Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blue Ridge Beauty

I'm making progress on my Blue Ridge Beauty quilt.  This started as a quilt that I worked on a bit at a time as I wanted a project that didn't take planning or thinking.  It recently got to a point of being almost done.  Since I'm getting ready to teach a scrap class, this was a perfect example to use.  I finished the rest of the bocks last week.  Last night, I arranged it on the floor of the bedroom.  It's way too big for the design wall and too big to lay out on the queen sized bed.

I turned row 2 onto row one, then carefully stacked up each row.

The rows were stacked on top of each other.  This whole stack went into a plastic shoe box.  With the quilt blocks stacked this way, I'll be able to sew the entire quilt together without laying it out again or getting up and down.  I love this method of assembling quilt tops.

Today, I sewed the quilt top into rows.  I did lay it out again just to make sure I didn't accidentally turn a block.  The rows are all connected to each other.  This is one piece!

Next I will sew the rows together and then press the top.  I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do for borders.


  1. that's going to be beautiful! It's on my list of quilts to make, haven't gotten around to yet. This is inspiration to get it started!

  2. It's a beauty! What size are your pieces, raw? 2 inches, or 2.5? That pattern is pulling at me!

    I guess it would be easier if I asked what size the block was, unfinished.

  3. Elaine, the 4 patch units are made with 2" squares. The HST's are made with 3 1/2" strips, cut with the Easy Angle ruler (or the Accuquilt). Some may have been made with 4" squares sewn together 1/4" on each side of the center. If it was made with 2 1/2" squares, you wouldn't get as many rounds in the quilt.

  4. My blocks are all done too..I've had them done for a almost a year but haven't sewn them together. I don't know what I'm waiting for...seeing yours has got me thinking it's time to get it back out.

  5. It is beautiful, and quite extradordinary, it is like looking at my own BRB in someone else's home ! It seems we both have carefully followed instructions ! I put a 2 inch very light printed blue on white border, then a wider dark blue (5") border. It is wonderful !

  6. Every time I see one of these quilts, it makes me smile! Thanks for visiting my blog! Will you be quilting it yourself or hiring a long-armer?

  7. I will be quilting it myself!

    That said, I just bought a very, very old Gammill long arm. It will probably be one of my practice pieces on it. I mean, one of the first quilts that I quilt on it! I've never wanted to send quilts out to be quilted. That's one of the reasons that I bought the machine. Now, to figure out how to use it!